Tuesday, November 4, 2008

JV's Let Redemption Slip Away

They did it against Hillsboro; avenging a 1-3 loss in the first half of the season with a 2-1 victory on the return leg of the season. Keying off the momentum of the win over Hilhi, the JV side set out to prove to the league that they belong at the top of the table as they focused redemption of their only other loss in the first half of the season, which was a 0-5 dusting by the Liberty Falcons.

Liberty drew first blood eleven minutes into the match with a shot from twelve yards out off the right side of goal beat goalkeeper Lawrence Chel on the near post side. The Tide pulled even six minutes later when Chad Smith beat Libery's keeper with a ten yard shot after a cross from Dylan Costigan was poorly cleared by the Falcon defense. The tie was broken seconds later as Liberty took advantage of a defensive mistake immediately following the kick-off and took the lead back after knocking the ball into an open net from twelve yards. Glencoe once again pulled even a two goals apiece shortly after the start of the second half as Jorge Alvarez dropped a ball back to Anthony Pernisco who rocketed a 30 yard shot into the lower-left side of the goal. Ten minutes later Daniel Douvris broke behind two Falcon defenders off a throw-in from Pernisco and slipped the ball past the keeper's left to up the score to 3-2 in favor of Glencoe.

Liberty refused to fade away and pulled back a goal as Pedro Gerardo headed the ball past Chel off a cross from the right side with ten minutes remaining in the match leveling the score at 3-3. The Tide were dealt a critical blow when a penalty was called after Graham Dunn appeared to make a safe slide tackle to block a Falcon shot attempt. The penalty was converted and the Tide could not muster a salvation goal in the final minutes as the final whistle signaled a heart-breaking 3-4 loss for Glencoe.

Momtchil Tritchkov edges the ball past Liberty's Amos Flores Ramirez.

Lawrence Chel tips a Liberty shot over the crossbar to hold the match at 0-0 early in the first half.

Tobi Boehm advances the ball past Liberty's Jose Arturo Cazares.

Liberty's Kyle Montero falls to the ground after he fails to stop Juan Carlos Hernandez.

Graham Dunn blasts past Liberty's Manuel Campuzan to advance the ball out of defense.

Robert Jimenez looks ahead as he dribbles the ball through midfield.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tide JV Edge Out a High Flying St. Helens Side

After polishing off St. Helens 11-1 at home in the first half of the season, the Glencoe JV Team traveled to the Columbia County mill town confident that a win was within their grasp. That confidence was shaken as a feisty and hustling St. Helens side kept the score at 0-0 through half-time. In the opening minutes, the Tide had solid chances as Gerardo Delgado was twice denied by the St. Helens keeper Lathem Faver, who had a fantastic game denying many more chances over the 80 minutes of play.

Glencoe was able to break the deadlock early in the second half as Anthony Pernisco broke free behind the St. Helens back line and faced Faver one-on-one, but Faver blocked Pernisco's fifteen yard low drive. Pernisco picked up the rebound off the right side of goal and found Gerado Delgado six yards in front of goal who pushed Pernisco's pass into an open net for the only goal recorded during the match. Faver made a strong case for the "man of the match" as he held the Tide to the single goal by stopping more one-on-one chances in the second half from Pernisco, Delgado and Daniel Douvris. Nick Johnson and Lawerence Chel shared shutout efforts in goal for the Tide, which meant collecting a few bruises to bring home the 1-0 victory.

Chad Smith shows the strain on his face as he wins a header in midfield.

Stuart Crook hits a volley to save the ball from going out of bounds on the right touchline.

Goalkeeper Nick Johnson is hit hard by St. Helens' Eddie Mucedo as he attempts to
gather a high cross. Mucedo was called for the foul on the play.

Zach Furrow wins a header over St. Helens' Like Haresnape.

Noe Escalera cuts the ball to beat St. Helens' Even Cole late in the second half.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Defense Wins!

To avenge a 1-3 loss to rival Hillsboro, the Crimson Tide JV first needed to stop the Spartans' talented attacking offense to have any chance for a victory during their second match up of the season. With a focused discipline on team and individual defense, the Tide were able to strike first and hold off repeated offensive surges to claim a 2-1 victory at Hilhi.

Anthony Pernisco got Glencoe off on the right foot as he picked up a weak clearance by the Hilhi defense and drove home a shot from outside the penalty box to give the Tide a 1-0 lead nine minutes into the match. Ten minutes later, Momtchil Tritchkov sent a beautiful long ball over the Hilhi back line that fell into the path of on-rushing Garardo Delgado who pulled it right and slid it past the keeper from just inside the top of the box. At the stroke of half-time, Hillsboro pulled back a goal as Glencoe keeper Lawrence Chel had trouble hanging onto a stinging twenty yard free kick which was tapped in from five yards. In the second half, the Hilhi offense was a force to be reckoned with, but the Tide's focus on defense paid off as they were able to ride their 2-1 half-time lead to victory.

Gerardo Delgado holds off a challenge in midfield from Hilhi's Baltazar Joshua Chavez.

Momtchil Tritchkov breaks down the left wing in full pace, shadowed by Hilhi's Blas Garfias.

Graham Dunn breaks right against Hilhi's David Martinez.

Juan Carlos Hernandez cuts hard against Hilhi's Amador Milina.

Jorge Alvarez is up-ended when challenging for a header against Amador Molina.

Jorge Alvarez breaks away from Hilhi's Riley Hoiem in midfield.

Monday, October 20, 2008

JV and Varsity Score Victories Against Century

After a tough 10-1 loss to the Tide on their home pitch, Century's JV team played a more even match against Glencoe at Hare field as the Tide pulled off a 3-0 victory. Anthony Pernisco opened the scoring just before half-time as he picked up a ball from Stuart Crook off a throw-in deep in the Century defensive third, slipped behind the defense and drove a shot past the keeper's right from 16 yards. Fifteen minutes into the second half, Gerardo Delgado upped the score to 2-0 as he took a diagonal through ball from Zack Furrow from the right wing and went on to beat two Jaguar defenders in addition to beating the keeper on the near post from 11 yards. Chad Smith closed out the scoring as he picked up a poorly cleared ball by the Century defense, dodges around one defender and uncorks a shot past the keeper's left from 18 yards.

The Varsity side shut out Century 5-1 off two goals from Corbin Pitts, a goal each from Eduardo Dominguez and Luis Zarate, plus a penalty kick converted by Ben Miramontes.

Daniel Douvris breaks away from a Jaguar midfielder.

Angel Lopez heads the ball away from a Century forward.

Stuart Crook turns the ball up the left side of midfield.

Graham Dunn heads the ball clear from the penalty area.

Chad Smith wards off a Century midfielder to win possession of the ball.

Opening goal scorer Anthony Pernisco out-paces a Century defender down the left side.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Defense Holds to Protect an Away Victory

After working their way to a two goal lead, the Varsity team defense let Sherwood slip one in with nine minutes to play, but held the surging Bowmen at bay in the remaining minutes to claim a 2-1 away victory at Sherwood stadium last Tuesday. Ben Miramontes open the scoring twelve minutes into the match for the Tide as he capitalized on a mis-headed ball by the Sherwood defense and roofed a blazing shot past the keeper from 15 yards off the left side of goal.

With 19 minutes to play in the match, Victor Aguilar picked up a ball headed out of the Sherwood box off a Ben Miramontes long throw and hit it low to the keeper's right for the Tide's second goal after the keep's diving save slowed the ball, but could not keep it from dribbling over the line. Sherwood pulled a goal back with 9:09 left to play and attacked at a frantic pace during the remaining minutes, even bringing the keeper up for set plays, but Glencoe repelled the barrage to hold out for the win.

Isaac Widdicombe controls the ball under pressure from Sherwood's Kameron Beeks.

Victor Aguilar draws a pushing foul from Sherwood's Brad Fenske in midfield.

Zack Alten turns to the outside to shed the defense of Sherwood's Chad Pollock.

Corbin Pitts (center) and Luis Zarate (left-center) hug goalscorer Victor Aguilar (right-center)
after put in Glencoe's second as Mike Mosier (1) and Ben Miramontes (12) arrive to join the celebration.

Alex Penny blasts past Sherwood's Nicky Schoen to advance the ball out of defense.

Goose Eggs for Each After 80 Minutes

After 80 minutes of battling it out in midfield and stalling attacks at the edges of the penalty boxes, Glencoe and Sherword stepped off the field bruised and worn, but without any goals to show for their efforts. The visiting Tide defense was tested often as Sherwood, comfortable playing on their home artificial turf, attacked quickly from midfield, often using long balls that kept the Glencoe back line on edge.

Both teams had opportunities to claim the lead, but both keepers were only seriously challenged a couple of times. It looked as if Sherwood had seized the lead inside ten minutes to play in the match after Noe Escalera was injured on a foul on the touchline deep in Glencoe's defensive third and Sherwood worked the ball on top of the box and beat Tide keeper Lawrence Chel with a looping shot on the left side of goal. The goal was pulled back by the referee after he realized that, according to high school rules, he was required to stop play immediately when Escalera went down with injury. A bit of a break for Glencoe as the call kept the match at a 0-0 draw.

Jorge Alvarez breaks through the Sherwood midfield to bring the ball into attack.

Dylan Costigan heads the ball to send the Tide attack back into the Sherwood half.

Juan Carlos Hernandez works the ball up the left side of midfield during the second half.

Momtchil Tritchkov cuts in front of Sherwood's Jason Castaneda to win possession.

Christian Briceno passes the ball forward before Sherwood's Bobby Govig can get in the challenge.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The JV's and the Weather Rain on Parkrose

The match started out under pleasant conditions, but then the skies opened the door to the pound to let out all the cats and dogs. For twenty minutes of the second half, buckets and buckets of rain fell, but it did not wash away Glencoe's offense as the lads defeated Parkrose at Hare Field on Thursday 6-0.

Jaun Carlos Hernandez started off the scoring as he took a pass out of midfield from Chad Smith and beat the Parkrose keeper on the right side of goal from fifteen yards. Noe Escalera score the first of his two goals to make it 2-0 as he took the ball off a throw-in deep in the offensive third and wormed his way between three defenders and slid the ball into the net from just outside the right side of the six yard box. Gerardo Delgado also picked up two goals in the match, scoring his first early in the second half off a low, driving cross from the right wing from Anthony Pernisco that found Delgado at the far post just outside the six yard box. Delgado's second came just two minutes later as Christian Briceno slipped a through ball past the Parkrose back line to find Delgado one-on-one with the keeper and beats him on the near post side.

Escalara scored the Tide's fifth as he took the ball off a throw-in from Hernandez and snapped off a quick shot from 22 yards out that snuck between the keeper and the near post. The scoring was closed out when Stuart Crook headed the ball off a Parkrose defender to find the net off a driving cross from Tobi Boehm. Despite the harsh conditions in the second half, the Tide were able to move the ball through midfield with a fair degree of precision and held solid in the back to preserve the shutout.

Jorge Alvarez pulls down a loose ball in midfield as he holds off Parkrose's Sebastien Oaks.

Dylan Costigan goes over the top of Parkrose's Marco Arandia to win a header.

Angel Lopez looks up field as he collects a loose Parkrose pass in defense.

Zach Furrow brings the ball under control against the defense of Jack Lundberg.

Robert Jimenez takes to the air to beat Parkrose's Boaz Edgerton to the ball.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

JV's Rebound, Whip Wildcats 5-0

The Glencoe JV team closed out the first half of the 2008 Fall schedule with a home match at Hare Field by seizing the opportunity to do unto Wilsonville that which was done to them by Liberty; ripping the Wildcats' net for five goals and securing a shutout. Anthony Pernisco opened the scoring for the Tide in the first half with a blistering free kick 30 yards in front of goal. Four minutes later, Stuart Crook capitalized on a long cross from Pernisco and put away a six-yarder for the 2-0 lead.

In late stages of the second half, Noe Escalera took a pass from Zach Furrow and hit an arching shot into the far post upper-left corner to beat the Wilsonville keeper. Stuart Crook intercepted a pass 25 yards out from goal two minutes later and slipped a pass to Gerardo Delgado who beat the keeper with a twelve yard near post shot. Chad Smith closed out the scoring for Glencoe with a solid strike from 25 yards that whistled past the keeper's right at shoulder height. The JV side record at the mid-point is 5-2-0.

Noe Escarlera dribbles past Wilsonville's Ryan Bunn during the first half.

Gerardo Delgado pulls down a long pass from the back as Wilsonville's CJ Willett looks on.

Christian Bricenco fends off Wilsonville's Ian Lake to win possession.

Zach Furrow holds off the defense of Wilsonville's Achmat Jappie.

Cameron Crook beats Wilsonville's Cameron DePiero to advance the ball up the right side.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ouch! Liberty Thumps JV's 5-0

The Glencoe JV side took one on the chin last Tuesday as they traveled to Liberty High and were handed a 5-0 defeat at Clive Charles Memorial Field. The Tide were beaten for two goals in the first half but had ambition to pull the game back in the second, however a third goal near the mid-point and two late in the match squashed any hope of a comeback.

Keeper Lawrence Chel goes full stretch in attempt to stop Liberty's first goal by Enrique Rivera.

Anthony Pernisco dodges a high challenge by Liberty's Brad Banning.

Daniel Douvris volleys a pass forward during first half play.

Defender Momtchil Tritchkov dribbles the ball through midfield.

Forward Gerardo Delgado looks down field as he initiates an attack in the second half.

Nick Johnson works to get around Liberty's Manuel Campuzan to clear the ball from the back.

Liberty, But Not Justice for All

After fending off a handful of Liberty attacks and battling hard in midfield, the first half ended in a cruel fashion for the Glencoe Tide as the Falcon's Miguel Campuzano dribbled the right side of defense and hooked a 15 yard shot into the upper-right side of the goal to give Liberty a 1-0 lead with 12.1 seconds left before the referee's whistle would have signaled a scoreless first half. After making adjustments at half-time the Tide spent the next 40 minutes backing the Falcons up against their own goal. During one of their few opportunities in the second half Liberty was rewarded with a fluke goal after a collision in the box let the ball role slowly and painfully into the Glencoe goal with twelve minutes left to play in the match. The Tide was able to pull back a goal two minutes later as Ben Miramontes converted on a penalty kick after Liberty was charged with a hand ball in the box. The Tide spent the final minutes surging in a series of attacks against the Falcon goal, but could not pull off an equalizer.

Zach Alten blocks a pass by Liberty's Jesus Mandujano early in the first half.

Corbin Pitts sets up a back-heal pass to Zach Alten to beat Liberty's Manuel Mandez.

Ben Miramontes goes to battle in midfield against Liberty's Edgar Alegria.